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"For enriching ontologies with rules, use R2ML rather than SWRL because it's more powerful." [ Gerd Wagner, co-ordinator of the Rule Modeling and Markup research project REWERSE I1]

R2ML is a comprehensive and user-friendly XML rule format that allows

  • interchanging rules between different systems and tools,
  • enriching ontologies by rules,
  • connecting your rule system with (our) R2ML-based tools for visualization, verbalization, verification and validation.

R2ML is comprehensive in the sense that it integrates

R2ML is a usable language in the sense that it allows structure-preserving markup and does not force users to translate their rule expressions into a different language paradigm such as having to transform a derivation rule into a FOL axiom, an ECA rule into a production rule, a function into a predicate, or a typed atom into an untyped atom.

Notice that R2ML, like OCL and OWL/SWRL, provides a rich syntax for expressing rules supporting conceptual distinctions, e.g. between different types of terms and different types of atoms, which are not present in standard predicate logic. However, you don't have to be familiar with all of R2ML's language elements in order to use it productively.

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